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Meet the Executive Board


Samira Shire

Hello all! My name is Samira Shire, and I am an M1 from Columbus, Ohio. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in Human Nutrition. My interest in global health was primarily influenced by my own family’s experiences. As the daughter of two Somali refugees, I grew up hearing about my family’s struggles in Somalia pre and post war, where access to quality healthcare is extremely sparse. Hearing about these experiences has given me a perspective of the world I would not be privy to without them. It was through these lenses that advancing health equity on a global scale became a great passion of mine. I look forward to sharing this passion by facilitating events to help educate and raise awareness on global health issues campus wide and beyond. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking, trying new restaurants, and doing anything outdoorsy!

Vice President

Andrew Muresan


(That’s me on the far left!)

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening! My name is Andrew Muresan, and I am an M1 from the great city of Columbus, Ohio. I am also a graduate from the Ohio State University with a bachelor’s in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology and am exceedingly proud to be a double buckeye! My interest in global health has been guided by a number of key formational experiences throughout the story of my life and journey to medicine. A study abroad trip in China in undergraduate to study minority group culture, a trip across northern India, and part of gap year spent working with an NGO to help Yazidi refugees in Northern Iraq were all transfromational and passion-forming experiences that have made a career in global health a personal non-negotiable; Physicians are called to lay their lives down for the good of others and their communities, and it is quite exciting to me that through LIGHT and local engagement we, as future physicians, can develop their global perspective and citizenship while pursuing global health experiences right in our own backyard. I am very excited to be apart of leading LIGHT this next year and planning curriculum that will help equip my peers to better global citizens. Outside of school I enjoy hiking, watching movies, cooking, frisbee golf, college football, mixology, and being involved in my local church!


Sahal Pracha

Hey! My name is Sahal Pracha, I am and M1 here at OSU! I’m from Dayton, OH but I did my undergrad B.S. in Biology here at OSU as well. My interest in Global Health stems from a desire to provide care to low resource areas that unfortunately exist abroad and here in the United States. Living overseas for many years, I became fascinated by different cultures and languages as well as the variety of issues people face through the globe. As a member of LIGHT, I hope to raise awareness and bring change to global health issues, even if it’s one small step at a time! I am currently interested in medpeds and in my free time I enjoy photography, swimming, and aviation.


Moira Anderson

Hello!! My name is Moira Anderson and I am an M1 from Pittsburgh, PA. I graduated from John Carrroll University with a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology and minors in Spanish and Public Health. My interest in global health was sparked after reading the book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Paul Farmer and then taking a class titled Poverty and Disease. I was really interested in the health disparities around the world and continued to grow that interest throughout undergrad. I am excited to have the opportunity through LIGHT to continue learning and educating others about global health topics, specifically those having to do with infectious diseases, climate change, and health disparities. In my free time I like to be outside running or hiking, cooking, and reading.

Curriculum Chair

Jacob Anthuvan


Hello! My name is Jacob Anthuvan and I am an M1 from Columbus, OH. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a major in Biological Sciences and a supplemental major in Theology. I am interested in global health because I want to make a difference in accessibility to quality healthcare among underprivileged populations. A spark in me to learn more about addressing the disparities in different areas came in my visits to Southern India, where my parents immigrated from. I hope LIGHT can help raise awareness to global issues in the sphere of healthcare through our events and also foster concern and desire in our class to address the inequities that exist in medicine. I am really excited to be a part of the LIGHT team. In my free time, I love playing Ultimate Frisbee for Ohio State and other teams, watching sports, and experiencing nature through hiking or traveling.

Outreach Chair

Danielle Abdallah

Hi all! My name is Danielle Abdallah and I am an M1 from Strongsville, Ohio. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Dance minor. My interest in global health started in undergrad where I took a history class on healthcare in different continents. I then had the opportunity to shadow physicians in Accra, Ghana during a study abroad, which incited my desire to be involved in global health work. I am excited to work with LIGHT to show students that global health is local health, and learning about it can help us reduce disparities in our community. In my free time I enjoy spending time outside, going to dance classes, and spending time with family and friends.